Our Story

Our founder Jon Carter was raised as a farmer in Mississippi and Alabama, so a strong work ethic and desire to be outdoors has always been in his heart. In March of 2002 Jon Carter started Mountain State Landscaping with the help of his three sons. Jon’s focus would be working with residential homeowners to design and build the landscapes and outdoor living spaces for their enjoyment. Mountain State Landscaping grew through word of mouth and referrals. By 2007 we had so many existing clients requesting minor changes and ongoing maintenance for their sprinkler systems we installed, that Jon started a division and called it Sprinklers Inc. His sons in the meantime continued to run the landscape construction division. Sprinklers Inc gained momentum very rapidly and Jon discovered a huge need for quality service providers for Sprinkler systems. Within two years the Landscape division had been dwarfed by the exploding demand for sprinkler service work. At that time Jon re-branded Mountain State landscaping solely as Sprinklers Inc. Sprinklers Inc has now grown from Jon Carter and one service vehicle, to over Eleven service vehicles and a complete division dedicated to remodeling existing sprinkler systems and landscapes. Jon Carter has recently retired from the day to day operations of sprinklers inc in 2016, and Left his Sons in charge of continuing his legacy of outstanding service. Chad Carter is Senior Technician and Quality control manager, Wade Carter is General Manger, Todd Carter is Operation manager, The sons now lead of team of over 25 high quality employees and are dedicated to serving the Colorado Springs Area for decades to come. To join the team at Sprinklers Inc, every applicant must past a stringent Criminal Background Check, submit to initial and ongoing Drug Testing, and successfully complete the professional training program Sprinklers Inc University.

John Carter and Sons

The Carter Family