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Water Conservation Through a Sprinkler Water Audit and Landscaping in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Lawn watering guide colorado springsOutdoor water use accounts for about 55% of the residential water use in urban areas along the Front Range. Water conservation is vital to enhancing the efficiency of how we use water, not to mention the cost of all that water.

• Efficient irrigation requires a quality sprinkler system design, excellent water management skills and regular system maintenance.
• Seasonal adjustment of irrigation controllers yields substantial water savings and better plant health.
• New technologies like rain and ET sensors will result in improved water management.
• An irrigation audit can point to where water savings can be achieved.

Water is one of our most precious and valuable resources.

The high, dry climate of the Colorado Front Range makes it tough to keep lawns green, but maintaining a good looking lawn does not have to mean applying excessive amounts of water.  Pueblo's high desert means it's even more important to understand how your water can be best conserved to save you money, keep your lawn beautiful and consider available native landscaping beyond just rock.  

Did you know that 50% of Colorado's treated drinkable water is applied outside onto our landscapes?

Start saving money and conserve water today!

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