Honest Professionals At Sprinklers Inc Can Repair Your Freeze Damage!

Sprinkler Freeze Damage Repair

sprinkler freeze damage colorado springsWe repair outside freeze damage to your sprinkler system.

Colorado weather can change drastically in very little time. During spring and fall it is common to experience a beautiful warm day followed by snow and freezing cold the next day during the watering season. It is not unusual for some sprinkler systems to experience freezing damage which we can repair for you.

The most common point of freeze damage is in the backflow preventer. Backflow preventers are made of brass and quite expensive to replace if damaged. Therefore, they have been designed with “sacrificial” parts that can be replaced fairly inexpensively. These parts are called the poppet and bonnet and are designed to fail before the brass casing is damaged by freezing water.

Control valves and PVC/copper line is also susceptible to freezing damage and may need replacement.

Sprinkler heads can be damaged by freezing as well as lawnmowers and kids. Our highly experienced technicians will replace your frost and freeze damaged parts quickly and efficiently to get your system operating the way you want it to operate.

If you are finding that your sprinklers have suffered freeze damage from our winter and early spring months in Colorado Springs, then call the trusted experts at Sprinklers Inc at 719-481-1216 today!