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Sprinkler System Replacement and Sprinkler Installation Colorado Springs and Pueblo

For those who are considering installing a new lawn sprinkler system or have already decided to upgrade their homes with one, Sprinklers Inc & Landscaping is an ideal choice of partners. We will work with you through all phases of new installations from initial consultation to the completed installation of your new sprinkler system with high quality parts.

New Sprinkler System Installation Colorado SpringsWhy use Sprinklers Inc & Landscaping for New Sprinklers?

Vibrating Plow

When possible we will use a vibrating plow to install pipes in your existing lawn, causing the least amount of damage to your lawn. Installing a residential sprinkler system can be an extremely time consuming process without the use of advanced equipment. In-ground sprinkler systems require proper burial of pipes, and while this usually implies the construction of a network of ditches, new innovations in the residential irrigation industry have allowed for much faster installations that are far less damaging to your lawn. The most common of these alternatives is a vibrating plow, a heavy blade to which a plastic poly pipe is attached. The plow then pulls the pipe through the ground.

Conventional Trenching

Trenches can be hand dug or trenched using a trencher. Multiple lines can be laid in a trench, saving the cost of multiple plowing and can sometimes save labor costs. Trenchers are usually used for new installations where there is no existing lawn.

Clean Installations

We pride ourselves on professional installations. Solder and glue joints are well made, clean and look good. Installations are constructed using the most efficient design only necessary materials.

High Quality Components.

  • Crestline CE Blue line
  • Cenn Plastics Pro Turf Blue line
  • Lifetime warranty on blue lines
  • Hunter Sprinkler Heads and Components

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