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Spring Sprinkler Start Ups

spring sprinkler startup colorado springsWith the season changing and the temperatures rising you want your lawn and plants to start growing healthy again. Freezing temperatures are harmful to your lawn and hedges causing them to dry out and die. A spring sprinkler start up will help you achieve a healthier lawn in a cost efficient way. If you did not have your pipes blown out before the winter the temperature dropping to a freezing climate can cause your pipes to freeze as well,  this can cause your pipes to crack needing further repairs.

Having a professional preform the sprinkler start up is important so that it can operate in a proper manner. A professional can determine what sprinkler valves are damaged and if the solenoid is not operating correctly, causing water to run constantly making your water bill rise.

When preforming a sprinkler start up the main water line has to be opened up appropriately so that the water pressure does not crack or blow the fittings out of the joints in your piping, leaving you with another service to pay for. After opening the main water valve, next step would be to manually initiate each zone from the control valve.  After initiating the control valve each zone needs to be verified for water pressure and making sure you are receiving the maximum and accurate coverage. In doing this you will be able to determine if there is a leak in your piping and whether repairs are necessary or not.

A timer can be set for an appropriate time suitable for your needs to allow the sprinklers to turn on and off at the suggested time. You may also want to consider a rain sensor; this sends a signal to the control valve notifying it if it rains up to ¼ inch. This will ensure that the sprinklers will not come on if it is raining, causing you to use excessive water. After the rain has subsided the control valve will revert back to its original setting.

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